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Stomatitis is a local lesion of the oral mucosa caused. Local include:

- lack of oral hygiene
- dental disease
- dental deposits
- dysbacteriosis

Common ones include:

- various viral
- the herpes virus
- fungal infections
- allergic diseases

With the flow of stomatitis are divided into acute and chronic; on the clinical picture on:

- catarrhal
- ulcers
- aphthous
- allergic

Acute herpetic stomatitis makes up 70-80% of all diseases of the oral mucosa in children. Has 5 periods:

- incubatory
- premonitory
- period of rash
- epithelialization
- recovery.

It occurs in mild, moderate and severe forms. The main element of the lesion is a bubble.


From the first days it is necessary to use antiviral ointments: 0.25% oxolinic, 50% interferon, 0.25% bonafton, 1% alpizarin. Particularly effective modern acyclovir, herpevir, 2% solution of zovirax. These drugs are used 3-4 times a day after antiseptic treatment.

Medicinal herbal preparations are used as antiseptics: wart birch (buds, leaves, sap), pine buds, needles, Kalanchoe juice, calendula. These agents have epithelial, anti-inflammatory, antiviral effects.

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