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Prevention of caries

Prevention of caries

Equally important in the treatment and prevention of oral diseases is prevention of caries. Our specialists do not leave this area of dentistry without attention.

A large number of modern scientific research in the field of dentistry is dedicated to finding affordable and effective ways to prevent dental diseases among the population.

Recently, the use of oral care products with aminofluorides, such as toothpaste and elmex rinse, has become increasingly widespread. They stimulate enamel remineralization in the early stages of caries and reduce the solubility of tooth enamel under the influence of acid.

One of the most effective prevention of caries is to clean the teeth with an ultrasound machine - a scaler and remove the raid of a smoker and dental plaque. Regular carrying out of this procedure in our dentistry helps prevent the development of caries and gum disease, returns the natural color of the teeth.

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