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СТОИМОСТЬ СТОМАТОЛОГИЧЕСКИХ УСЛУГ ОРИЕНТИРОВОЧНАЯ И МОЖЕТ ИЗМЕНЯТЬСЯ (в зависимости от используемого материала и его количества)

При первичном осмотре в стоматологическом кресле у врача Вам очень подробно составят план лечения и протезирования, покажут фантомные макеты, изготавливаемых в нашей лаборатории протезов, что позволит Вам определиться в выборе конструкции и узнать конкретную сумму вашего лечения.

Окончательную стоимость услуг вы можете узнать после консультации и диагностики врача стоматолога.

Рентген Cost, USD
Прицельный снимок зуба (радиовизиография) 6
Surgery Cost, USD
Consultation with a dentist-surgeon 7
Removal of a moving or primary tooth 15
Single root tooth extraction 22-30
Multi-root tooth extraction 37-45
Removal of a retined tooth, upper 8 75
Difficult removal with seams (lower 8) 90
Еxostasis removal 30-75
Exostosis Removal Gum section (“cutting the hood”) 22
Papilloma removal 37-45
Gingivectomy operation (gum resection) 15-22
Cyst removal 75-150
Bridle excision 56
Curettage 45-52
Gingivoosteoplasty (curettage of the segment (3 teeth) 112-150
Periostomy 30
Atheroma removal 82-112
IMPLANTATION (operation) Stage I (implant placement) 412
IMPLANTATION (operation) Stage II (installation of the healing abutment) 75
Therapeutic dentistry Cost, USD
Teeth whitening,(Opalescence system), 1 tooth 13
Treatment of caries with staging of a photo-curing material 41-79
Treatment of pulpitis (1 channel), without the cost of filling 52-60
Professional hygiene (ultrasonic teeth cleaning, polishing, fluorine coating), 1 tooth 2
Professional hygiene (ultrasonic teeth cleaning, polishing with an air-jet apparatus with Air flow, fluorine coating), 1 tooth 3
Anesthesia 6-7
Fissure sealing 19
Treatment of caries with staging of chemical cure material 15
Restoration of the coronal part of the tooth with the use of fiberglass parapulpar pins 97-112
Temporary splinting of teeth with photopolymer materials and fiberglass tape (per 1 tooth) 30-37
Veneer from photopolymer composite 97-112
Skyce installation 34
Orthopedic dentistry Cost, USD
Metal-ceramic crown 150
Metal-ceramic crown (each subsequent) 135
Metal-ceramic crown on the implant 300-337
Metal crown (cast) 64
Metal tab 37-41
Plastic crown 37
Crown cast with veneer composite material 90
Ceramic crown, metal-free (press ceramics) 217
Ceramic crown, metal-free (zirconium oxide) 292
Laminate 292
Ceramic tab, metalless 112
Clasp prosthesis with molded clasps 487
Clasp prosthesis with attachments (locks) 525
Plate prosthesis with curved clasps 210
Plate prosthesis with Kvadrotti clasps 262
Plate prosthesis with attachments 337
Bugel prosthesis "Nylon" 412-450
Clasp prosthesis "Quadrotti" 375-412
Clasp prosthesis from material "Acetal" 375-412
Byugelny prosthesis unilateral "Brooklyn" with an attachment 300
Full removable plastic prosthesis 225
Kapp under bruxism 52
Boxing Tire 75
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