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Periodontitis treatment

Periodontitis treatment

A few years ago, the diagnosis of "periodontitis" sounded like a sentence. Periodontitis is a disease that causes the gums to bleed, loosen and seemingly healthy teeth, pains when chewing food, changing the bite and tormenting bad breath. Until recently, periodontitis was considered incurable. Today, modern technologies in the hands of our qualified dentists, specialists of the first and highest categories, help to carry out periodontitis treatment very successfully.

Periodontitis is an inflammation of the tissues surrounding the root of the tooth. A characteristic sign of periodontitis is the appearance of pain. At first it is weak. It becomes sharp during mechanical stress on the aching tooth. This is very painful, because many people refuse to accept even liquid food. Perhaps a moderate temperature increase (up to 37.5).

Treatment of all types and forms of periodontitis is only in the dental clinic "Shik-Dental"!

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