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Dental treatment

Dental treatment

Anesthesia. Any intervention will be completely painless! Such assurance gives us the use of only high-quality anesthetics from the best companies: "Septonest", "Ubistezin", "Scandonest", "Ultrokain". For anesthesia, a cartridge syringe with a very fine needle of the French company "Septodont" is used, which allows you to accurately calculate the dosage of the drug and its painless introduction. The injection site is also anesthetized with a special gel.

Filling. Modern techniques of staging fillings, as well as aesthetic restorations of teeth it is a combination of the highest skill and the emerging technology. It allows you to keep the tooth beautiful and healthy, as well as to make dental treatment as soon as possible. "Gradia", "Filtek Supreme", "Esthet-X" are materials with enhanced aesthetics. For chewing teeth are strength and resistance to stress of particular importance. For this purpose are used materials such as "FiltekZ-250", "Carisma", "Herculite XRV".

Fillling channels. We use all the possibilities for quality channel filling. These are the tools of the Swiss company "Maillefer" is it the world leaders in the production of dental instruments and filling materials of the firms "Septodont", "Dentsply". To accurately determine the long channel, we use the device "Apekslokator". Channels are sealed with lateral condensation guttaperous pins.

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