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Service prices

THE COST OF DENTAL SERVICES IS INDICATIVE AND CAN CHANGE (depending on the material used and its quantity)

You can find out the final cost of services after consulting and diagnosing a dentist’s doctor.

Consultation of a dentist - 5 BYN

Name of service Price, BYN
Teeth whitening,(Opalescence system), 1 tooth 22
Treatment of caries with staging of a photo-curing material 80
Treatment of pulpitis (1 channel), without the cost of filling 80-90
Professional hygiene (ultrasonic teeth cleaning, polishing, fluorine coating), 1 tooth 5
Professional hygiene (ultrasonic teeth cleaning, polishing with an air-jet apparatus with Air flow, fluorine coating), 1 tooth 6
Anesthesia 10-12
Fissure sealing 28
Treatment of caries with staging of chemical cure material 22
Restoration of the coronal part of the tooth with the use of fiberglass parapulpar pins 100-120
Temporary splinting of teeth with photopolymer materials and fiberglass tape (per 1 tooth) 50-60
Veneer from photopolymer composite 100-120
Skyce installation 55
Metal-ceramic crown 240
Metal-ceramic crown (each subsequent) 220
Metal-ceramic crown on the implant 450-500
Metal crown (cast) 95
Metal tab 55-65
Plastic crown 60
Crown cast with veneer composite material 120
Ceramic crown, metal-free (press ceramics) 310
Ceramic crown, metal-free (zirconium oxide) 410
Laminate 410
Ceramic tab, metalless 160
Clasp prosthesis with molded clasps 650
Clasp prosthesis with attachments (locks) 750
Plate prosthesis with curved clasps 300
Plate prosthesis with Kvadrotti clasps 400
Plate prosthesis with attachments 500
Bugel prosthesis "Nylon" 600-650
Clasp prosthesis "Quadrotti" 550-600
Clasp prosthesis from material "Acetal" 550-600
Byugelny prosthesis unilateral "Brooklyn" with an attachment 450
Full removable plastic prosthesis 350
Kapp under bruxism 90
Boxing Tire 120

All removable and fixed prostheses are made in our own dental laboratory.

Our laboratory can also offer you such services for your old dentures such as repair, correction, relocation, cleaning, and welding teeth:
from 20 to 50 BYN.

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